Saturday, March 27, 2010

Entry #2

This is what I made for my second entry in the Ruffle your Stuff contest. The pants are made from a pair of men’s jeans, so they will be very sturdy! The ruffles are made from some bias tape that I bought at Goodwill. I wasn’t really looking forward to cutting long strips of fabric and ruffling them… sometimes I don’t do well with straight edges!:):) So, the bias tape was a perfect solution, and it was the color wanted!

I had to bribe my niece so I could take pictures of her while she was wearing them…. She was barely cooperative as you can see!!:)


  She was kind of cooperating…..



013Then her brother wanted in on the action……



And then she wanted me to take a picture of her nails…..


And then she was gone…………………


And I was then left with taking pictures of just the pants!:)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Entry #1

Here is my first entry for the Ruffles and Stuff contest! Sorry it took so long! Didn’t get as much done on Spring Break as I thought I would… do we ever?:)

I made two different ones; I only had a little of the polka dot fabrics. I had just enough to make a ruffle!:) I think these are really cute; if I was  a little girl I'd wear them!:) Well, maybe if they were purple instead of pink…:)

And, yes, I did use a stuffed dog for a model:)


Monday, March 1, 2010


Ruffles and Stuff is a blog I love to go to for inspiration. Disney has some great DIY tutorials and I love the jewelry in her shop! She is having a contest called Ruffle your Stuff (and win!) I am going to be entering. I already have some ideas and can’t wait to get started! Your allowed five entries but I don’t know how many I will have time for… We shall see! And the best part (for others) is that it doesn’t have to be sewing only! You could even paint a picture of ruffles if you wanted! So go check it out! The prizes are totally worth it!:)


Photo from Photobucket.