Monday, January 17, 2011

Zip Your Lip

I have been on a bit of a refurbishing/refashioning kick lately. No big projects, no patterns, but a lot of applique, dying, etc. This shirt is one such project. It started out as a typical boring, long sleeved, button down shirt. I shortened the sleeves, took off the collar, took in the sides a little, and added the zipper and the patches on the sleeves. I really like the zipper, but I’m not so sure about the fabric on the sleeves. What do you guys think??

Also, I am taking a Photography class this semester, so hopefully my pictures will improve:)



Friday, January 7, 2011

Skirt the Issue

skirts 004skirts 001

skirts 016skirts 010skirts 018skirts 012

I made these two skirts for my niece. She loves Fancy Nancy, so when I saw that fabric for sale, I grabbed it! The second skirt is made from a pair of stretch denim capris and some fabric scraps. I love how it turned out. I left the hem raw, so it would fray over time.

Sorry no outfit photos. I promise my next project will have a model:)