Monday, July 26, 2010

Interview with Trudy

Just a little post to say that I am being interviewed by Trudy over at Sewing With Trudy! Go check it out! And while you’re there, check out her blog too!

Trudy's button

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainbow of a Different Color

So, this isn’t much. Not some fantastic post with a fabulous DIY or great tips on how to become friends with your sewing machine. But, it’s what I have!:) Until Summer classes get out, there won’t be much more than this!:(

My niece turned four the other day and this is her birthday present! She still has to try it on tho, so I can make sure the elastic is right. I’ll try to get some good pics of her in it!

I made the skirt from a flat shirt purchased at Goodwill. I loove flat sheets! they have an enormous amount of fabric in them!!:)

Karah's Skirt 003 Karah's Skirt 005 Karah's Skirt 004