Thursday, January 28, 2010


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Key chain/ Lanyard

I made some more of these the other day. I really like making. I think they are a much more fashionable approach to not losing your keys!:) Especially if you happen to have a backpack for a purse; or a purse the size of a backpack!:) Plus, it’s a fun way to mix and match fabrics that you only have a little bit of!

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Two of these are up for sale in my shop.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


This project was a light bulb moment! I was looking at the scraps leftover form the pocket book bag, trying to think of something to do with them. I hate to throw stuff out. But like Su said it will just pile up!! But, I was looking at a sleeve that I had cut off, and I thought it looked like a bandanna shape! So I trimmed it up a little, hemmed it and added some ties (isn’t this grosgrain fabulous?!:)) It only took about 15 minutes! Now I have something to make out of all those shirt sleeves that I usually throw away! Yay for me!!










Now I’m thinking of all the other ways to embellish shirt sleeves! This is for sale in my shop!

Red Tag

I was tagged by Nenette from Life Candy, (make sure you check out her blog. I mean it! Really.. really really!) I’m suppose to post 7 pictures of 7 red things around my house. Then I tag seven people. So, here goes!:)

1. A red teapot. Used frequently in winter!


2. A red rose! (with bunny cookie jar behind it!:))


3. A Cincinnati Reds hat! Go Reds!:)


4. My hair! I don’t know if it counts, but I’ll post it anyways!:):)


5. Tomatoes! Hopefully to be turned into bruschetta!:)

011 6. A toy crate! We have three of them: one for plastic toys, one for books, and one for stuffed animals. This one, apparently has all three in it! Evidently little kids aren’t very good at organizing!

0107. Our new, big, comfy armchair; or lazy boy as some would say!


That's it! Now for the tags!

1. Roz of Clothes Cameras, and Coffee

2. Amy of Flying a Kite

3. The Stylish Wanderer

4. Krystal of This Time Tomorrow

5. Disney of Ruffles and Stuff

6. Emmy of Pretty Exquisite

7. Madison and Molly

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Round Two Pattern Exchange

All right! Here is a new selection of patterns for your viewing!:) The rules:

  1. In order to be eligible to receive a pattern I am asking that you either become a follower, or post a link on your blog. If you link to me on your blog post the link in your comment so I can check out  your blog and see what you are up to. Of course ideally I would ask that you send me a pattern in exchange but I know that’s not always possible so its not required
  2. Each person is allowed to request 2 patterns without sending me anything in exchange. Even if you plan on sending me something in exchange I  still ask that you only request 2 patterns per week to give more people a chance to get in on the action!
  3. I will post 5 patterns per week. I ask that you leave a comment with the pattern number or numbers you would like and your e-mail address so I can e-mail you to get your info for mailing them. I suggest you write out your e-mail to avoid spammers getting a hold of it.
  4. I will be posting both modern and vintage patterns but since I have so many vintage patterns, newer ones would be preferable. If I get something from you I will do my best to post about it, and make it.
  5. I will do my best to check each pattern for completeness and post as much information with each pattern photo but don’t murder me if a sleeve facing is missing or something, okay?
  6. As I will paying the postage, I would prefer not to  mail internationally, unless you are for sure going to send something in exchange .


Simplicity 9381. Size 14 1/2. Bust: 37 Waist:30 Package says “Half Size”



Simplicity 7671. Size D (12 & 14) Miss. Skirt and jacket pattern. Uncut!


Simplicity 9644. Accessories. Contains bag; suspender belt; 2 variations of a bag; cap; and hat. Uncut!!


McCalls 4126. Misses size 16. Bust: 38 Misses unlined jacket, skirt and pants. Uncut!



Simplicity 7389. Sizes 4-10. 6 different styles/one skirt pattern.


There you go!:):)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh! To Be Mine!

Have you ever been just sitting there pondering over what to do with a piece of fabric that you have had for three years? And then BAM! It comes to you! No?!? Well, that’s what happened with this shirt. I have had this fabric for quite a while. It was such a nice fabric and I didn’t want to make just anything from it. It also matched really well with some teal/bluish braid trim that I bought from a thrift store recently. So I just used this pattern again, and added my own twist. I really like it! I wish I had made it for me!:)

005050010051048049Then I had some fun with photos! I really like window pictures!:)054038036   031   




Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to the beat

This is what I wore to school today. I bought the shirt on sale at Maurice's. The necklace is from Claire's; I love it!:) And the jeans are Express, from Goodwill.:) I tried on 13 pairs of jeans at Goodwill the other day. And I only bought one! One!


050 020



I really like the detail on the shirt!028

I will be having more patterns up for the Pattern Exchange later this week. Hopefully it goes better than last time!:) Now that school has started, I don’t know when you’ll get project posts… I’m still getting a feel for my classes. Don’t know which ones I hate yet!:) I’m taking Biology (eww) Comp. 2, Intermediate Algebra (eww), Modern World, and American Lit. I’ll let ya’ know!:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


  Ok! So, I did it old school, and wrote all your names on paper and then put them in a hat and then picked out three pieces of paper. I did it first picked out first served however, so you may not get what you had preferred. Thank you all for participating! It was fun!:):)


The winner of the hemp necklace is Julia of Song of the Exile!

Winner of the drawstring bag is Denysia of Hello Denysia!

And winner of the key chain thing is Patty Ann of AlphaBetaChic!!

Congrats!! The rest of you should go check out these lovely ladies' blogs! They are fabulous!:)

And, because I like to have pictures on every post, here are some pictures from when I went to see the lights at the zoo!

Lights at the Zoo (34) 

Lights at the Zoo (15) Lights at the Zoo (4)

Lights at the Zoo (29)

Lights at the Zoo (36)