Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Round Two Pattern Exchange

All right! Here is a new selection of patterns for your viewing!:) The rules:

  1. In order to be eligible to receive a pattern I am asking that you either become a follower, or post a link on your blog. If you link to me on your blog post the link in your comment so I can check out  your blog and see what you are up to. Of course ideally I would ask that you send me a pattern in exchange but I know that’s not always possible so its not required
  2. Each person is allowed to request 2 patterns without sending me anything in exchange. Even if you plan on sending me something in exchange I  still ask that you only request 2 patterns per week to give more people a chance to get in on the action!
  3. I will post 5 patterns per week. I ask that you leave a comment with the pattern number or numbers you would like and your e-mail address so I can e-mail you to get your info for mailing them. I suggest you write out your e-mail to avoid spammers getting a hold of it.
  4. I will be posting both modern and vintage patterns but since I have so many vintage patterns, newer ones would be preferable. If I get something from you I will do my best to post about it, and make it.
  5. I will do my best to check each pattern for completeness and post as much information with each pattern photo but don’t murder me if a sleeve facing is missing or something, okay?
  6. As I will paying the postage, I would prefer not to  mail internationally, unless you are for sure going to send something in exchange .


Simplicity 9381. Size 14 1/2. Bust: 37 Waist:30 Package says “Half Size”



Simplicity 7671. Size D (12 & 14) Miss. Skirt and jacket pattern. Uncut!


Simplicity 9644. Accessories. Contains bag; suspender belt; 2 variations of a bag; cap; and hat. Uncut!!


McCalls 4126. Misses size 16. Bust: 38 Misses unlined jacket, skirt and pants. Uncut!



Simplicity 7389. Sizes 4-10. 6 different styles/one skirt pattern.


There you go!:):)


  1. Hi Laura, I am totally digging that accessories pattern, Simplicity 9644. I have been a follower for a while now... OK! Let me know if I need to do anything else. :)

  2. STILL need to learn how to sew. Ah ha. One of these days!


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