Saturday, January 9, 2010


  Ok! So, I did it old school, and wrote all your names on paper and then put them in a hat and then picked out three pieces of paper. I did it first picked out first served however, so you may not get what you had preferred. Thank you all for participating! It was fun!:):)


The winner of the hemp necklace is Julia of Song of the Exile!

Winner of the drawstring bag is Denysia of Hello Denysia!

And winner of the key chain thing is Patty Ann of AlphaBetaChic!!

Congrats!! The rest of you should go check out these lovely ladies' blogs! They are fabulous!:)

And, because I like to have pictures on every post, here are some pictures from when I went to see the lights at the zoo!

Lights at the Zoo (34) 

Lights at the Zoo (15) Lights at the Zoo (4)

Lights at the Zoo (29)

Lights at the Zoo (36)


  1. Oh, thanks so much! So excited to receive this necklace!


  2. Oh these photos are wonderful! I love Christmas lights!

  3. I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS :) Congratulations to all the winners <3

  4. congrats to all the winners. .. i love that rhino stuff ... they look like xmas lights .. i would loev to have a xmas rhino next year


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