Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red Tag

I was tagged by Nenette from Life Candy, (make sure you check out her blog. I mean it! Really.. really really!) I’m suppose to post 7 pictures of 7 red things around my house. Then I tag seven people. So, here goes!:)

1. A red teapot. Used frequently in winter!


2. A red rose! (with bunny cookie jar behind it!:))


3. A Cincinnati Reds hat! Go Reds!:)


4. My hair! I don’t know if it counts, but I’ll post it anyways!:):)


5. Tomatoes! Hopefully to be turned into bruschetta!:)

011 6. A toy crate! We have three of them: one for plastic toys, one for books, and one for stuffed animals. This one, apparently has all three in it! Evidently little kids aren’t very good at organizing!

0107. Our new, big, comfy armchair; or lazy boy as some would say!


That's it! Now for the tags!

1. Roz of Clothes Cameras, and Coffee

2. Amy of Flying a Kite

3. The Stylish Wanderer

4. Krystal of This Time Tomorrow

5. Disney of Ruffles and Stuff

6. Emmy of Pretty Exquisite

7. Madison and Molly

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for doing this!!! I love your list! :)
    Is it wrong that my favourite is the armchair? I could totally see myself sinking into that bad boy... or lazy boy, as it were. ;)

    Thanks again, L :) xo


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