Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

This was a top that I made awhile ago that was not very flattering on me. I saw the opportunity for a quick and easy transformation, and decided to make it into a skirt! It was a little too short as is, so I added a border, with the stripes going the other way.
I also went to a lot of garage sales last week! I found a big tin of zippers for only 50 cents!! And a cute skirt that no adult should wear in public, but will make a lovely dress for my niece!:) You'll see what I mean sometime soon!:)


  1. i luv it when I find different ways to wear my clothes! I cant wait to see the dress that it will become for your niece :)

  2. love that you've made this yourself!

  3. great transformation! and i can't wait to see xhat you're gonna do with the zippers!

  4. Oh, I love that skirt, it's soo pretty! You make such beautiful things. I wish I could sew like you. Can't wait to see that dress for your niece! :D


  5. Perfect for summer!!!

  6. Definitely! I truly admire anyone you can sew like this... gorgeous work :)

  7. Love it! Love your blog as well!

  8. Loves it! Ive been working on a few projects myself.. but havent done anything as lovely as this. :-) Great job!


    Im very very very into stripes. <3


  9. I really admire people who make clothes themselves! This looks lovely!


  10. i would love to make my clothes some day and youre really good in this
    check out my blog

  11. Wow, I adore this skirt -- this is just the kind of skirt I would pick up at Anthropologie!

  12. Your customisation is amazing! Hopefully I'll be learning how to make my own clothes this summer..
    When you make something yourself, its just so more unique!
    Oh, and in answer to your comment on my blog, the boots are from topshop (:
    Great blog!


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