Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dusk and Summer

 033 032 053 011This was a long, ankle length skirt that I found at a thrift store. I loved the color (grayish blue) and the fabric (corduroy!!) but not the length. So I chopped off about two feet and then used that fabric to make the ruffle. Simple, easy and fast, without cutting into homework time. :( Christmas break can’t come soon enough!!!

Speaking of Christmas; I want to know, what is your favorite season/holiday?? I absolutely LOVE Christmas and winter; snow, Christmas lights, Santa, even the hurried shoppers in the mall. I love it all. So, how about you!?!?

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  1. Cute with the ruffle! New Year's is prob. my favorite holiday. A new year, new possibilities, out with the old in with the new... you get the picture. :)

  2. couldnt tell its was corduroy from the pics ... but when i read that iwas jealous i love corduroy .. the skirt looks great .. it sort of looks jean from afar which im not a fan of jean skirts

  3. Love the new skirt on you!
    And absolutely, Christmas...

  4. I love love what you did with the skirt !

    Its really so beautiful:) I love love those booties too!!

    Christmas is coming yayyyy

  5. The skirt looks awesome! love the ruffles and it looks comfty

  6. What a pretty color sweater :) I like it alot

  7. Hi, just stumbled on your blog via District of chic, and what a cute skirt! I LOVE those boots, too; I love a slightly outdoorsy boot, it has such attitude. And your hair? Gorgeous!


    I'd love it if you'd check out my blog.

  8. hey =) I love your blog, and the boots! They're definitely my type of shoes.

    And Christmas is the best holiday.

  9. this is so cute! love what you did with it!
    and those booties are super cute

  10. This turned out really cute. I'm so glad you commented again, I've added you to my blogroll. I think the purple pajamas are a favorite.

  11. Ohmigosh could you be anymore adorable? I absolutely love your hair and your style!

    My favorite season is actually fall - I love the changing colors and the crisp leaves. The whole harvest thing thrills me. I do love winter as well, but I feel like Christmas has become so commercialized that it almost overpowers the season. :/

  12. That skirt is so cute - the ruffled bottom is my favorite part!

  13. Another skilled customisation ;) I also really like the boots you're wearing in these photos.
    Oh, and thanks for the comment. Great film reccomendations that I'll definitely check out!



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