Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here it is! Proof I have not disappeared!:) I do think I have lost my creativity mojo, though. I’ve kind of hit a dead spot, inspiration wise. I was so excited about my break from school, cuz then I would have time to sew. And now, I have nothing to show for it but a few projects. I have some ideas, but no desire to make them. Oh, well. Hopefully I’ll get some motivation soon.

This shirt is made from a men's Aeropostale button up shirt. I just used this pattern as a base, then added some details. The chest pocket on the original shirt became a pocket on this one. I thought the dog was  really cute. However, it turned out a little smaller than I wanted, so I will probably end up selling it.Purple 013 Purple 016 Purple 015 Purple 014

Purple 009 Purple 010 Purple 011


  1. i'm so impressed. i could never make something like that. :)

  2. lovely DIY the shirt is beautiful!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  3. oh my , yup this proves that you are talented. Great post. i love diy posts.

  4. Inspiration will strike at the most impromptu of moments and then you'll be unstoppable! In the meantime...loving that top!! :)

  5. That is such a gorgeous refashion Laura! I wish I made something that great when I was down in the dumps! I love it!! Hang in there..we all have ups and downs.

  6. I always like customising things & it's obvious you really have a talent with the sewing machine!

  7. Great looking shirt! I know what you mean about loosing your sewing mojo. You can always pop over to to see what other folks are stitching up and maybe get some great ideas of your own!

  8. I love that top! The purple plaid is adorable!

  9. Laura,

    Are you kidding? Thanks so much for stopping by!

    (1) SO cute! The shirt you made is.
    (2) I love the fact that you moved the shirt pocket down for a hand pocket. Great idea.
    (3) I hear you on the inspiration desert. For me, sometimes it's not the fact that I can't find ideas (they're everywhere on these internets)--it's as if I've lost all ability to muster my strength to create them. I'd rather waste precious hours of my life on facebook instead. (@_@)

    (*How's etsy business? ^_^)

  10. The top looks great :)
    No worries, I feel you. There are days I'm just feeling so uninspired but it will all come back. In a short awhile :)

    Awaiting new DIYs from you soon!


  11. I love the pocket!
    Do I owe you money???


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