Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bag Lady

My photography class is on Mondays. I have two other classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyone who has a class schedule like this will know that it is a pain to transfer your books into and out of your bag just so you can go to a different class. Or, maybe you are  much more organized than me, and have always had more than one bag:) Either way, I needed another bag for my photography class. Since it is just one book and a notebook, pens, folder, etc. for my photography class, my regular book bag is too big. So, a simple tote bag it is!

This bag is made from a pair of jeans, and some scrap fabric. I used up almost all of the jeans; I even used the waistband for a strap. At first I wasn’t going to use it, because it was really curved. But after I sewed it on and put it over my shoulder, the curved strap actually helps keep it on my shoulder better!



  1. That is a very cool bag.

    I never thought about owning more than one bag when I was in school. Sometimes I didn't even bother carrying one if I only had one or two classes that day. :)

  2. cute idea! i like the purple patch with the zipper!


  3. This is wonderful. your blog always encourages me to be more crafty!

  4. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate you not hiding behind the "anonymous" card. I think my post was easy to misinterpret and I'm still wondering if I should take it down or not, but honestly I won't because this is my opinion and I have the right to express it. I really don't think I'm saying outrageous things and I firmly believe in what I said just like you believe in what you said! It would suck if everyone stopped expressing their opinions because of being afraid of what others might say. I also do think that by posting about Japan helps others be more aware of it; you have no idea how many people heard about Japan through blogs! I get you when you say that posting about it and then carrying on with one's life isn't going to accomplish anything, but does that mean we should just keep quiet about it when we could spread the word and make people see what's happening? For example, imagine someone who has a blog but who also has very very little money, the best she can do is try to help by making people more aware, no? Or just to show some support, that's all. I mean yeah okay, it's true that that person might not be saving lives, but it's still a sign of respect. And just so you know, I posted but I also donated money, quite a lot actually, just want you to know that because I don't want you to think that I'm posting just so I feel better about myself. This isn't about me, it's about Japan, and I wouldn't have said anything if my point was to make people feel guilty you know? And if people do feel guilty, it's more likely because they have something to feel guilty about, maybe they're not doing everything they can? If one has donated and shown support than that's all good! It's awesome and I admire everyone who has donated. I don't wanna sound like High School Musical or like an AIDS commercial, but we truly can make a difference by "sticking together", people are more powerful than anything else in the whole wide world. I hate saying this because right now nothing should be about me, but I lived through a war back when I lived in Africa and I've seen what war, devastation and suffering is like. Sure it's nothing compared to what's happening in Japan but I cannot stand people who show absolutely no respect to those suffering and to what's happening outside of their "cozy" bubble. You said it perfectly yourself, people did talk about miley cyrus when all this was taking place, and nothing, nothing can excuse that kind of behavior. You can stay silent and that is absolutely fine, I really really get that some people don't have words to express their feeling, but tweet about how cute one's husband is is just disgusting. The last point I wanted to make in my post was that bloggers who have gazillions of followers and who are hugely influential could make such a difference, and it saddens me to see that none of that is put to profit. Some are so so so influential that they could say "hey guys, press this button and donate $20", imagine that multiplied by 7000 (followers). It's still a huge help you know? And it doesn't take much effort. So saying "oh but it's really hard for me to talk about these things because I don't know what to say" is COMPLETE bullshit. It's not about you it's about the people who are suffering, and is it that hard to "sacrifice" your lack of words for two seconds and help give $140,000 to those who need it? I honestly don't think so.

  5. Anyway, that was really my main point, that's all. I hate that I'm being portrayed as the devil here when I really was trying to help, but again, I 100% appreciate you coming forward and being honest, I think each one of us is entitled to an opinion! I just don't think it's right to be so cowardly insulted when all you did was try to share something you know?
    Alrighty well sorry for writing the bible and for taking up space on your blog!!

    ps: I've already said this but that bag is coolness, and it's even cooler that you take photography classes 'cause I do too!

    Have a nice day!

  6. Hello, I really like your bag and your blog!!!!


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