Friday, August 26, 2011

Winner winner Chicken Dinner!

Annndddddd……we have a winner! Heathers Feathers is the randomly drawn winner of my surprise craft package! (you guys should totally check out her blog too, cuz she has some great ideas).


Next week I will have another giveaway (cuz I’m just that generous). It will be for everyone, not just the crafty types (although I’m sure you're all crafty;)) Make sure to tune in!! I started my 1st year of college at BGSU, which means I probably wont have much time for sewing. Today, I actually took my sewing machine off my desk and put my laptop on it instead :( Sadness, I tell you. BUT, I will get in a giveaway and maybe a few refashions before school completely encapsulates me in a sea of papers and evil speeches (yes I have speech class:( the classroom is across the street from a cemetery…no kidding)


  1. ooh, you're right - just took a look at 'Heathers Feathers' and she does indeed have some great ideas. Talking of great ideas, loved what you did with that denim skirt in one of your posts below too.

  2. Thank you for entering the giveaway...good luck! :-) x


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