Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stash (ghost) Busters!!!!

confession: I hoard fabric. Like every scrap of fabric, piece of clothing I have ever gotten stays stored in a drawer/closet/cupboard/box/underneath the bed……. in other words, everywhere. Every once in awhile, I will sit down and tearfully and painfully part ways with some of my fabric*. But I don’t like to just throw it away, or send it to goodwill. I want it to go to someone that will use it and appreciate just like me. That’s where YOU come in!

1.) Slightly stiff cotton floral fabric (think couch cushions or makeup bag type fabric) 23 by 44 inches.


2.) Water color cotton/poly fabric. Nightgown type fabric, very soft and slightly stretchy. 32 by 64 inches.



3.) Very nice cotton plaid. At least 1/2 yard. 35 by 46.


Brownish, slightly stretchy floral fabric. Would make a nice dress! At least 2 yards, 60 inches wide.


Cute snowman print! Cotton, about 2 yards, 45 inches wide.


Green and light yellow cotton fabric. 30 by 16 inches.


Beautiful gray leaf print. I wish there was more of it! 40 by 45 inches.


Very harvesty print! Cotton. Perfect for tote bags, shopping bags, etc. 1 yard, 45 inches wide.


And, last but not least, this beautiful floral print, perfect for that sundress you’ve been thinking of making! Polyester, slight stretch. It is semi-sheer, so you’ll probably need to line whatever you make with it.  About 3 yards, 45 inches wide.



If you would like to receive some of this fabric, leave a comment, with your name and a way to contact you. You don’t even have to be a follower. Make sure to say which fabric (any or all!) you like the most and in one week I will draw 3 names, and those 3 very special names will get some fabric! See how easy it is?;)


*fictional depiction of me getting rid of fabric. I’m not that sad… I think.


  1. Oh I love the plaid! It would be perfect for my little boy!
    feathersflights at gmail dot com

  2. The snowmanprint is indeed very cute!

  3. I really like the Grey Leaf print!

  4. You are so sweet to share! I'd love to make a couple of fabric baskets or maybe hot pads to go in my new gray kitchen! ratsteb at gmail dot com

  5. what a good idea!

    yeah, so i'm sort of IN LOVE with that plaid <3

  6. I'm loving the leaf print! :)



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