Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alter the Ending

Yes, I am alive! I am considering hiring someone to do my homework so I have time to sew. (I’m kidding… maybe) I have so many sewing ideas building up in my head right now, but no time to execute them.

Here are some photos of my nephew and the lovely Fall foliage. What do you guys think about the bigger pictures?

023 003





I am also very excited about Dashboard Confessional’s upcoming CD! It comes out November 10th! Can’t wait!!:)


  1. wow, thats great photography, i love the autumn trees
    i think its definatly the most magical season!
    please please visit my new blog -

    sophie x

  2. Isn't that the handsomest boy you've
    ever seen ;)!?!?!?!

  3. Pretty, pretty pictures. I love the change of seasons. Especially when fall is on the horizon. Stunning! And your nephew is too cute to resist!

    I too would like to hire someone to do my homework - it's taking too much time away from things I actually enjoy doing! :)

  4. I wish the trees in my place are as beautiful as yours.. love the orangey yellow leaves.. :)


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