Monday, October 5, 2009

Purple People Eater #2

This was made from a men's shirt from Teresa (thanks!:) She gave me some shirts and a skirt, and this is what I’ve made from them so far. (I have an idea for the skirt, but no lining fabric:() When I dyed this sweater, I didn’t want to waste the dye, even though the box said it was only good for one use. So I just put the shirt in the dye and let it sit there for half a day. After I washed it, it came out looking a little faded in some parts. But I just said it was “vintage.” 032 036036 039 041 045 012037022 033  024

The top of course, you’ve seen before. The pants I made from the shirt arms. I think they’re really cute. I remembered how to make them from a tutorial I had seen awhile back, but I don’t know where that is now.

Some random blog posts that I really like this week. Here, and here and don’t forget here! Check them out!:)

Also, I am in the process of setting up an Etsy store! I’m very excited and hopeful about it!:) I will keep you guys posted.



  1. omggg i love those cute little pants made from shirt sleeves! what a great idea, very creative!

  2. You seriously do need a children's line. You're a genius. And the color turned out fabulously.

  3. I'm SO happy to see this! You are so talented. The color is amazing and those pants are just the cutest! So glad you could use the stuff !!

  4. Omg!!!!!! She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the colour!!

  5. Too cute!!! Thanks so much for becoming a follower and participating in the giveaway. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. I love this idea!!!!
    WOW it is soooo cute but ofcoursee those adorable pants would never fit me! TOO bad I'm not 5 and can't pull it off :(
    Keep sewing and posting...everything is sew cute haha get it? SEW cute.
    cheesy joke
    thanks for the comments by the way!

  7. how creative you are ! this turns out amazing ! cuttteeee !

  8. WOW! Amazing! I think I might make you my personal designer! :-p

  9. oh my god that is so adorable on her ... very cute!i love how the sleaves are now pants

  10. that girl is so beautiful! i am very jelous of her hair and that combo is lovely and i cannot wait to visit your etsy store!
    sophie xox


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