Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day (for lack of a more original title)

I had these two fabrics that i couldn't decide what to do with. So, I decided to make more than one thing! I made this skirt, the key-chain, and I'm working on another skirt. I really like the key-chain one. I made it a little bit more fancy than the last ones, with a flower button and some lace I took off of a nightgown.
These are both for sale in my Etsy shop! Also, does anyone else really want to see this movie?!?!?!?I think it probably has all my favorite actors and actresses in it!!


  1. I am also getting into the V-Day spirit round here! I even Netflixed last year's V-Day ensemble romantic comedy, "He's Just Not That Into You." And what I have to say, after seeing the trailer you linked to, is shame on Bradley Cooper! He can't do these movies two years in a row! Let someone else have a chance, like... Christian Bale. He still has some PR spin to do after the Terminator: Salvation rage-out a while back. ;)

  2. I meant to tell you, I got the necklace! Thanks a million, it's lovely.


  3. Antoinette- yes I agree, he should let someone else do one!:) I don't think I"v ever seen Christian Bale in a romantic comedy though... "He's Just not that Into You" is really good though!
    Julia, you're welcome!!:)

  4. Ooh, I love the skirt, Laura! The print is so incredibly pretty! I want to see "Valentine's Day." I've never seen a film with such an amazing cast - it is destined to be fabulous!! :)


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