Monday, August 9, 2010

Hemming and Hawing

Have you ever been looking for a perfect piece of clothing (skirt, dress, capris) that you really want, but that no matter what store you go to, you can never find just the right item? That was me, looking for either a pair of bermuda shorts or a pair of capris. I wanted them to have cute pockets (I’m reallllly picky about pockets:), low rise, that “perfect” shade of blue, and just the right length. And yet this perfect piece of clothing eluded me! UNTIL……..

Bermuda Shorts 001 Bermuda Shorts 002

I was shopping at Goodwill (I really don’t live there.. really;) and came across this pair of Aeropostale jeans, that were my size but… they were a short! And believe me, at 5’9” they weren’t ever going to fit length-wise! They looked like wading pants! But, they had cute pockets, a low rise, and I liked the shade of blue! So, home with me they went where I made them into this!!:

Bermuda Shorts 010Bermuda Shorts 008 Bermuda Shorts 011Bermuda Shorts 007 Bermuda Shorts 012 

On a side note, I am working on a dress, in this fabric:

Bermuda Shorts 014

Just so you know, that I am still working on real projects!:)

P.S. what do you guys think of shorts (denim or canvas/twill) with tights? Yeah, or big fashion failure? If yeah, what kind of shoes would you wear with it (don’t say combat boots;))?


  1. Yes - I had that problem while looking for chelsea boots, but got what I wanted in the end. Good idea to diy it though!

  2. shorts and tights could be risky... if the shorts were pleated and high waisted, with just the right shoe it could work.


  3. hi there I really enjoy your blog! i a amazed by what you can do with someone's old things.

    As for the shorts/tights thing I think it can totally work! the shorts do have to be a bit shorter, maybe like a 3" to a 4" inseam, and a tad baggier. I wear denim shorts with tights and flats.

    Also that fabric for the dress is very pretty!

  4. I think they look great as shorts! Plus I love the dress fabric look forward to seeing your creation! Daisy Dayz Home

  5. i like denim shorts with cute jackets and heels (like the jcrew styling). so cute and not the least bit grungey!

  6. I'm very picky about choosing the right piece of clothing too, no worries :)
    Espeically denim shorts.

    I don't think it's a fashion failure. I guess if the tights are black, perhaps a black killer wedge or brown clogs? :)


  7. i think shorts and tights are nice, depending on th color of the tights andstyle of the shorts. i wear it sometimes.

  8. These look absolutely perfect on you, Laura!! :)

  9. are you a natural red-head, aren't you? loved to find you! :)

  10. Defintely would look good with some black, thick woolly tights(in winter) and some high high heels if they have a baggy look to them...


  11. Hey Laura! you've won yourself a pop up card...pls email your address to me at and will send to you asap.

    sorry it's taken so long, been crazy busy lately.

  12. I need your tailoring skills! I have so many pieces I need to fix right now!

  13. hey there! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Just to let you know, I've moved locations, and am now at

    ....if you want to see some of my newer stuff :)

  14. Great job! Wouldn't have known that they were refashioned

  15. a pair of smart ankle boots (my mom calls them "shutes") would look amaaaaazing.

    You know, I tried to upcycle a pair of pants into bermuda shorts and I guess I cut to far up or the style was too slim because when I did there was this painful "squeeze the sausage back into its casing" consequence. Bwahaha, why do I seem like the only person alive who fails at upcycling jeans?


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