Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Man in the Mirror (or behind the camera)

Mens sewing patterns frustrate me. There isn’t much variety in what I’ve seen, nothing new or exciting, and half of the patterns aren’t anything my brothers would wear.  I mean, how many button down shirt patterns can you make?!

But, I’ve been thinking about some t-shirt designs lately and this is one of them. I’ve been wanting to try out the whole applique thing, and it seems to be a good  way of “decorating” a shirt without it seeming too girly or over decorated. And this shirt is brother-approved! I made it for my brother (also known as my camera man:)) and he actually likes it!

I started with a basic tee:

blog post HUGE 001 And turned it into this!:

blog post HUGE 020

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blog post HUGE 031


  1. really cool top!! love what you did to it <3

  2. Love what you did with what was a basic T. I think any young man would love to wear this. I think it is so great that you sew for your siblings and also that your brother is your camera man. How wonderful that you help each other out. That's the way it should be.


  3. WOW!!!! that's really cool!!!!
    i love it.
    great job!

  4. That is a pretty cool tee. I like the simple lines you've added, and the zipper makes it unique. Great work!

  5. love the tshirt!!! :D cool blog!! follow u!!!

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  6. Wow! What a wonderful DIY project - that shirt looks awesome!! :)

  7. Wow very impressive! You are so creative doll! hugs ;)

  8. Wow, it's awesome that you are sewing for your brother! And no wonder he likes it so much, it's a very cool design...

  9. That's a really cool idea. I never would have thought to create such an interesting design and it looks like it came from some cool surfer/skater store!

  10. That's so cool.

    I made my first pajama shorts. I actually made two. I wear them to bed every night. I am so happy with them. I should probably make some pants soon as it the weather will start getting cold. Hope you'll come take a look. By the way, I am turning 10 this weekend.


  11. that is very nice! does the zipper part open to a pocket?

  12. love what u did here
    new follower xo

  13. loving the photos, good inspiration!
    thanks for sharing as always
    i'll be back to see more from you
    come visit COSMICaroline!


  14. this is such a cute idea!! genius :)


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