Saturday, May 30, 2009


Oh my!! Have you ever stumbled upon one of those clothing websites (Free People, Anthropologie:) where you want to buy or make everything on them???? Well, I found another site like that, and let's just say it's worth a look! Ruche is just lovely! I found myself saying "Oh I could make that!" Except for the shoes of course, which I just wanted to buy:) It is my new inspiration!


  1. Love the dress!

  2. yes! I just found that site through luvinthemommyhood, and browsed it for much longer than I would like to admit to.

  3. these are all so cute! i totally feel that way about anthropologie... every time i look at the website i just want to cry, everything is so gorgeous!

  4. I know! You just want to stare!:) At least, I did!:)

  5. Ahahaha, yes! That happens to me alll the time, except I would get the catalogs and want to make Everything!!! Love that first skirt, so cute!

    xox, mavi


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