Thursday, May 28, 2009

Something Pink

The before picture of a very ill fitting shirt. I know, everyone's doing a button down project. But, I think it's a good trend! Who knew you could do so much with a shirt??

The after picture. I think it turned out well. And my sister really likes it!:)


  1. i so badly envy people with sewing skills :-)

  2. wow. that transformation is something else.

    you could have your own cable TV, like "What Not To Wear", only instead of helping people spend $5000 on a wardrobe, you could spend a few hundred or less, and remake things so they fit.

    i'm seriously amazed at what you do.

  3. being able to sew gives the power to reinvent. my sewing machine is currently far away in missouri and im in new york : ( i miss it so much!


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