Saturday, August 22, 2009

Maybe I should have saved 'Randomness' for this post?

So, like I said in my last post, I was tagged by Beki of Near Style. I'm very excited to receive my second award!:) I'm supposed to tag 10 people, then tell you 10 random facts about myself. Here goes!!:) I tag:

Precious Smiley

Styleseeking Zurich


Marie-Louise's Pulse

This Time Tomorrow

Hand it Over

Madison and Molly


Fashion Champagne

Beautiful Rampage

And now, 10 random facts about me; this will take a while!

1. I've been sewing since I was 11.
2. I just had my wisdom teeth taken out.
3. I would like to someday be able to play the piano proficiently.
4. My favorite color is purple (in case you couldn't tell:))
5. I have been home schooled my whole life. I'm going to be starting college next week. It's a little intimidating!:)
6. I like black and white/classic movies. Cary Grant is awesome!
7. I have four brothers and one sister.
8. I would take a rainy day over a sunny one.
9. I have red hair and love it! I've never wished for a different color; although a few less freckles wouldn't be bad!:)
10. I love to read classics (Austen, Alcott, Hawthorne) Very few fiction books would take precedence over a classic (Twilight!:))

There you go. What is certain to be the worlds most boring list of random facts!!:)


  1. I hope you enjoy school! I couldn't stand high school but college is a little more manageable. And it's amazing being a redhead! (even if I had to cheat to be one).

  2. Wow! Well done, that looks like a great award :)
    I finally got around to do doing a post with the award you gave me a while ago! Haha.

  3. thankyou so much for tagging me! please drop by my blog some time!
    I love doing tags, they make me feel special! hehe

    sophie x

  4. Well done, well done. I love your list. I'm thinking up mine now. It might take me a day to get it up. Thanks for tagging us (me) though.
    (Madi rarely blogs)
    You're darling.

  5. OMG, Cary Grant SWOOOM <3 i only just finished watching a flim with him in (:
    I'm always really surprized that im tagged (: can't say i've been tagged loads maybe once :p or twice :p but THANK YOU (:

  6. thanks for the lovely comment and for the tag ! Will be doing it up on my next post :)

  7. Wow! You've been homeschooled too? I'm just starting highschool this year and it's my first year not being homeschooled!!!

  8. Rainy days are better when you're home :D

  9. ;) thx for tagging me ! Your red hair are indeed fab, i'd love to be a redhead too !

  10. I love red hair!! yours is gorgeous, i am glad you appreciate your lovely locks!


  11. Fantastic list about you, and wish you the best of luck in college, you will love it :)

  12. thanks for the tag :) ill definitly add this in my next post! good luck starting! dont be intimidated- everyone wants to meet new people and make friends so everyone including you is in the same boat! enjoy it!
    and p.s- i just post a skirt that i made and soon ill post a top that i made- let me know wha tyou think :)

  13. It's so bizarre...almost every blogger whose writing I read has had their wisdom teeth removed as of late. I had all four of mine taken out years ago - isn't it the worst? I truly thought I was going to die! :)

  14. Not too awful actually! Pain meds will do that for you!;) I had all four out too! I've had quite the headache!:):)

  15. I'm also a fan of classic authors/books and I'm a purple girl myself :)



  17. cary grant IS awesome. i love his mid-atlantic accent!


  18. Red hair is beautiful! I always admire redheads. And good luck at college! I bet you'll love it.

  19. wow, that award is actually can't stop looking at it :-)

    give yourself some credit, your list was NOT dull as you may believe. i'm terrified of getting my wisdom teether out though it'll probably be happening in the next two years....*minor spasm*. and wow, I can't even imagine being homeschooled for my whole life, good luck taking on college!! anddd to top it off, i'm insanely jealous of your heair, it's positively beautiful....oh, to be a ginger... *enraptured expression*

  20. Great facts!! I wish I had been home schooled as a child.

  21. oh i loved reading those facts :) were you homeschooled for a special reason? :) i actually never met anyone who was home schooled, and it's not very common here in Portugal, so i was wondering ^^ <3

  22. Great list, not boring at all. Enjoy college, it's the most fun time of one's life. At least it is for me :-)

  23. congradulations! =)

  24. a little shout out for you in the blog- but i didnt have time to do all the tagging and 10 things...

  25. thanks for posting always like a cool selection of blogs

  26. I love the red hair! It's great :)

  27. So nice to know more about you! For the red hair, I totally understand! Now I've dyed mine, I can't imagine myself otherwise. Wish it was natural though... Lucky girl ;-)

  28. congratulations! what a pretty of my favorites in terms of its look.

  29. I don't think they're boring at all! In fact, I shared more than one common thing with you: classic movies in black and white, rainy day over a sunny day, (I wish I have more siblings but I only have one sister), and reading classic books (I'm an English major). xxoxoxoxo

  30. Congratulations! You won the giveaway! Stop by Cafe Fashionista for the details! :)

  31. oh thank you for the comment, dear! :) well, i like Beauty and the Beast as well, almost as much as i adore Anastasia. there was a time when i couldn't choose between them. Belle is a wonderful character, i would most definitely also love to be her. so simple, so smart, so loving and adorable :) <3

  32. Already commented here, but well done again! Thats a great award.
    Thanks for the lovely comment. I guess the way I've got to draw like that is just practising all the time! I've worked on the figures, fabric, shape etc so much (:

  33. Thanks for your lovely comments! Congrats for your award! it looks great!
    Have a nice week!

  34. I just started college too!!!
    good luck!:))

  35. WOWOW you've been sewing for so long!! I wish I could sew. Good luck with college! Must be soooooo fun starting new school!! xx


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