Friday, August 14, 2009

Vested Disinterest

This used to be a pair of jeans, that became a skirt, that have now become a vest! This is one of those projects that I don't particularly like, because I know every little thing that went wrong! And believe me, there were many! Don't quite know what I'll wear it with; or if I'll wear it at all!:) I tend to do that with projects I don't like; they sit in the back of a closet for a long time!:)
The pattern is vintage, Simplicity 7592. The side panels are some old fabric from my aunt. I don't know where I got the top button (yes it's different from the others:)) but the rest I cut off of a dress from 5 or 6 years ago! And the fraying and odd pieces of fabric are from the original skirt construction. I just put the pattern pice over whatever was there, hoping it would come out slightly deconstructed-looking:)
On a side note, how cool is this shirt??? I almost considered buying it!!:):)


  1. it's a pair of jeans!

    no, a skirt!

    NO IT'S SUPERMAN!!!! Erm, I mean, a VEST. Loving it! This just goes to show that recycling unused clothes is possible.

  2. hmmm i like the vest ... ithink its great you can do these type of things .

  3. I like the fabric of the side of that vest! And that shirt is really funny btw haha

  4. I love that vest! The little details are so pretty!

  5. I think the vest turned out great! You should definitely wear it. Very versatile and has a vintage feel to it due to the different fabrics.

  6. love how you made that into so many different things!
    and i really love that tank haha


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