Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We now return to our regular programming

yes! Freedom!!! School is out for the summer!!!!! I took my last final today; on Saturday will be graduation, so technically I’m celebrating a little early, but I don’t have any more papers or tests, so woohoo!;)

Aaaannnddd…….a project! Remember that dress I was telling you about? Well, I finished it! I didn’t get very good pics; sorry:/I used this pattern: it has a cowl neck, flare skirt (with tulle underneath for added poofiness) and little tiny flowers at the waistline.


Lets just say I’m glad I’m done with it. White is a horrible color to work with, especially when you have as many animals in my house as I do. I felt like I needed to have it quarantined or something, and only work on it in a pristine white room.


  1. That is such an elegant dress. Did you sew it with a specific family member in mind?

  2. Yes, it is a first communion dress for a friends daughter:)

  3. Wow thats awesome! wish i knew how to sew like that! Looks pretty :) and congrats on your graduation! x

  4. I'm so envious - you've finished with exams for the summer already? Mine begin tomorrow! but on to this fabulous dress - oh my goodness but you are seriously talented.

  5. Ya congrats on the finals! :D And wauw looks like a gorgeous dress <3

  6. Congrats!!
    The dress is so pretty! I adore the cowl neck!


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